Summer RVing Tips

RV Tips 

Summer time means its time get out the camper and head to the campgrounds.  Campers or Recreation Vehicles come in many shapes and sizes.  Some people like to go to lake campgrounds, beach campgrounds, campgrounds close to your favorite theme parks, or maybe go off the grid for a while and enjoy mother nature.  No matter what kind of camper or trip you take.  Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind to make sure you are prepared for your trip.

  1. Planning:

You should always make sure you plan properly for your trip.  Campers can be difficult to maneuver on certain roads or congested areas. Check out where you are going for height restrictions.  Getting in and out of places can be a bit difficult when towing or driving a big rig. Make sure to plan out what you will need for your trip if you load your self down with too much you will be tripping over everything and feel cramped.  Just take the things you need and what makes sense for the trip at hand. Check your propane tank and make sure its full. It’s also a good idea to turn the fridge on in the RV 24 hours before taking your trip. When you get to your camp site make sure to switch over to electric if that’s an option.

  1. Checking in:

When you check in to your campground, ask the associate what you can do to make the check in process simple. Also ask them where a certified mechanic is that can work on your RV and write the number down, just incase you have a problem.  Go ahead and call when your close to your check in destination and see if they are busy.  If they are, you can avoid the crowd and go do some other stuff while things die down. Take a picture of your license plate for the front desk. Get there before dark,  this way you won’t disturb your fellow RVers and you can set up easier. Take the stress out of finding your camp site by asking for an escort. Ask and see what supplies are offered that way you don’t have to make a second trip (ice, snacks, firewood)

  1. Setting up:

When you go to set up your camper make sure you do these things. First, get the camper is level while you are unloading the camper from your vehicle or setting up your motorhome. When opening slide outs, do a walk around to make sure there is nothing in the way, like tree branches, trash cans, grills, etc. Take your awning down when sleeping or away from the camp site to prevent a pop-up storm from tearing it down.

  1. Creature comforts: (water, electric, sewer)

A couple of things to consider when using the utilities. Make sure to use a sewer hose support to keep from things getting, well stuck. For you electric, make sure to use a surge protector adapter when plugging up your power.

  1. Unhooking the sewer:

When you’re unhooking your sewer line when you get ready to leave the campsite, get a good pair of rubber gloves, like dish gloves, that cover up to your elbows. Start by pulling the lever on the black water tank. This is where all the nightmares are stored. Next pull the gray water tank from your shower and sinks. By unhooking the black water tank first followed by the gray water it helps to flush out your line of any…. Unwanted debris. If your RV has a flush button hit it or use a water hose to finish cleaning out the line by flushing it out.

  1. Leaving your camp site:

When its time to pack everything up, ,make sure that you have your water, power and sewer unhooked and safely stored away. Check all outside bins to make sure they are securely closed and locked. If you have jacks down or air out, put the air in or jacks back up before leaving. Do a walk around your camp site to check for trash and belongings.  Load up and head out.

Hopefully these tips can help you make sure you have a pleasant camping experience this summer.  Last but not least, one thing you should always do before you head out on the road is to make sure you have any insurance documents for your truck and camper that you may need if you get pulled over or if you have any roadside issues. You can have you insurance info handy in case, but hopefully won’t be needed.  If you didn’t know this, camper insurance is very affordable and there are special coverages specific to campers.  Make sure you have the right camper coverage before you take your next trip.  Remember to have fun and stay safe.

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