Tips to Travel Safely this Summer

As the economy is opening back up this summer, many people are trying to plan out their summer vacations.  Even though the economy is opening back up, it definitely doesn’t mean it’s completely safe from exposure to COVID-19 and now you have riots that are escalating all over the nation.  How do you plan your summer vacation if you’re wanting to avoid risks of coming in contact with the virus or being caught up in the recent civil unrest that has developed?

Get a Game Plan

You need to think about your trips more thoroughly than ever before. The travel routes you plan to take to your destinations, and exactly what you plan on doing once you’re there.  Different states are in different phases of reopening.  Some beaches may not be open to the public yet, where others may be.  For instance, as of this article, Virginia Beach was not open for people to gather freely, however, Myrtle Beach has more accommodating rules that allow people on the beach.  As you plan your trip out, you may want to avoid the bigger cities not only to avoid traffic back up en route, but to avoid any danger from the civil unrest that is developing.

The Great Outdoors

This may be the perfect year for you and your family to take that  vacation that involves experiencing the great outdoors.  Whether it’s packing up the RV and heading to a new campground, or hauling your boat to a new lake you’ve always wanted to try out, or maybe it’s a nice weekend trip where you can take your Offroad vehicle like a Side by Side on the trails to do a little exploring.  If you’ve got a Camper, a Boat, or an offroad vehicle like a Side by Side, make sure you’ve got a good insurance policy before you head out on your adventure.  You never want something unexpected to put you in a bind financially.  There are special policies for campers that offer vacation liability coverage, for boats that offer on water towing and motor protection, and for Side by Sides that will cover theft or damage if you accidentally turn them over.



Since we’re talking about vacationing in the outdoors, you may not have an RV or Camper to stay in.  A lot of people like to rough it in a tent and make everything over a camp fire.  This year, that would probably be the safest way for sure.  If you do go to a campground, the on site restrooms may be an area to avoid due to cleanliness.  It might be a good idea to bring your own shower.  There are all kinds of camping gear you can get that allow you to still be able to use the restroom and shower in a campground but still feel like you have your privacy.

Stay Safe

Remember, even though the outdoors may be safer this year from being exposed to COVID-19 or any violent civil unrest, there are still risks on any trip in the outdoors.  Take necessary precautions depending on where you are camping or staying.  For instance, if you’re planning on going out west, you need to be prepared to deal with bears if you’re camping.  Even in the Appalachian Mountains, there are animals that you don’t want to cross paths with like coyotes, or even the rare, but possible encounter with a mountain lion.  These encounters may not happen frequently, but they do happen and you need to be prepared so you can stay safe while you’re out having fun and exploring.  If you’re on the water, make sure you’ve got your life jackets and check the Fish and Wildlife requirements for the state you are visiting to make sure you have the required safety gear.

Remember to have FUN.  Show your kids what you used to do when you camped out. You can make s’mores or tell tales at the camp fire. You can roast hot dogs or bring some Vienna’s and Beenie Weenie’s for the experience. You might want to bring some real food too, just in case the Vienna’s don’t go over well.  Go on nature walks and try to spot different species of plants, birds, and other animals.  Who knows, you may decide to do these kind of trips more often even after things get back to normal.

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